Needham Estate Administration Attorneys

Many estate executors are surprised to discover that they must go to court after the loss of a loved one. They believe that because a will or trust was involved, the probate process can be avoided completely. This is not necessarily so. Many people must navigate the probate process to resolve matters related to a loved one’s assets. It is much easier to do so with the help of an experienced probate attorney.

Probate attorneys Robert Arone and Gerald Turner have years of experience assisting people in the Boston area and throughout Massachusetts with probate matters. We guide our clients through the probate process, helping them gather assets, apply those assets to pay debts, taxes and expenses of administration, and distribute those assets to beneficiaries designated in the will.

To do so as quickly and effectively as possible, we use extensive knowledge and experience. Attorneys Robert Arone and Gerald Turner are recognized as leaders in the legal community. They are active in local legal organizations and lead discussions on probate and tax matters. Well respected, they receive most of their clients on referral from other lawyers who know and trust they will achieve favorable results for the people they serve.

Will Contests

We also resolve disputes related to wills and trusts. These disputes often involve lack of testamentary capacity, breach of fiduciary duty or undue influence over the creator of the will or trust. We can help protect our clients’ interests in these matters, achieving favorable results for them in Massachusetts courts.

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