Sophisticated Tax Return Preparation Attorneys

Proper tax planning can do more than just protect your assets — it can help prevent a tax controversy that causes stress or puts your business or family financial stability in jeopardy. Attorney Eric Rothenberg focuses on protecting his clients’ best interests through thorough and complete tax planning.

Attorney Rothenberg uses extensive experience in state and federal tax law to maximize results for his clients. His focus is on providing high quality, innovative, personalized legal services, which are cost-effective for even the most complicated tax matters.

Tax Planning

When families have certain financial means available, it is often possible to make strategically placed gifts to help minimize the tax implications of their earnings. Families may be able to take advantage of tax-free education savings plans to help their children finance college. They may also be able to make substantial gifts to charitable organizations, supporting causes that are important to them. Life insurance can also be organized so that it passes tax free to loved ones.

Sophisticated Tax Returns

When income taxes are complex, it is highly advantageous to see a tax attorney for tax preparation — not just a CPA. A tax attorney uses in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the federal tax code to help you take advantage of current tax laws and is willing to take aggressive positions that some CPA’s and others shy away from. Our clients frequently save money they would have spent paying taxes, just by hiring a lawyer.

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