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How seniors can keep busy by working from home

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – Working Americans often dream of the day when they can retire and wind it down after decades of punching a clock. But this is to be expected — who would not want to rid themselves of the daily rat race which probably includes getting up early dressing in uncomfortable […]

Conservators, guardianship, and durable powers of attorney

Conservators, guardianship, and durable powers of attorney – what are the differences, which ones do I need, and why should I care? Each of these tools allows a person to make decisions for another individual whom may or may not be able to make decisions for themselves. Conservator A conservator is a person appointed by […]

What seniors should know about eyesight and aging

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – As we grow older, our eyesight is one of the things that begins to change. While the majority of the time a senior citizen’s eyesight will never diminish to the point where they cannot function properly, you should be prepared for any vision related problems that you experience as […]

Grandkids off to college? Tips on helping them pay

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – Many grandparents want to help their grandchildren pay for their education. However, the cost of a college education is on the rise, making funding a student’s education a real sacrifice, especially for those moving toward retirement or living on a fixed-income. College financial-aid and student loan regulations are also […]

The rise of the “Gray Divorce” – Things you should consider

“‘Til death do us part,” says the traditional wedding vows. However, we all know that it isn’t always that simple. More and more people are opting to get divorced at a mature age. In fact, of all of those who went through a divorce in 2009, 1 in 4 individuals was age 50 or older […]

4 easy ways to save more for retirement

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – No adult likes to feel like they can’t take care of themselves. One of the unfortunate truths of growing older is that many of us will not be able to get along without a little help. It’s important to have a well-structured, detailed financial plan in place as you […]

Financial Planner vs. Financial Advisor – what’s the difference?

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – At first glance, the terms “financial advisor” and “financial planner” may seem interchangeable. However, when seeking the advice of a financial professional, it’s crucial to know which type of expert you need. Here is a quick overview of each professional, what they offer, and which one you need: Financial […]

When Aged Parents Refuse to Discuss End-of-Life Care

Posted by Eric P. Rothenberg – No one likes to discuss their own death, as if talking about it will somehow hasten it, or not talking about it might prevent it from happening! By encouraging your parents to prepare for the end of their lives, you are not only acting as a responsible and loving […]

4 things to know about a Financial Power of Attorney

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – Most of the information you find about financial powers of attorney regards the person assigning the power to another person. However, it is essential to understand what your duties and responsibilities entail if you are named as the attorney-in-fact under an older loved one’s power of attorney. It is […]

5 things seniors need to know about falling down

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Remember that old commercial? No one wants to imagine getting older and facing the potential embarrassment or medical problems that can come along with a nasty fall, especially if home alone. But, unfortunately, the truth is that 1 in 4 seniors suffers […]

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