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Preparing for the Rising Costs of Education

Posted by Robert L. Arone – 5 Strategies to Help Pay for a Child’s Academic Future Higher education costs are just that – higher.  The steady increase in educational expenses means your clients have much steeper bills for their children’s college tuitions than they had for their own. To illustrate how stark this contrast is, the average cost of tuition has increased 213 percent in the last 30 years.[1] To make matters worse, there is no end in sight for this trend. It’s understandable that the price of higher education is one of the biggest worries looming in your clients’ minds. A defined goal, such as a large purchase or a child’s educational needs, provides much more motivation to clients than an amorphous, abstract goal. As their financial advisor, you are uniquely positioned to help your clients utilize educational savings tools they may not otherwise be familiar with. Not only will

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