How to Help Your Clients Avoid Probate

Posted by Robert L. Arone – Your clients likely set up a living trust with the goal of avoiding probate. When properly prepared and funded, a trust based estate plan will avoid the public, costly, and time-consuming probate court process. Shockingly, many people still make a big mistake, catapulting their assets and loved ones right into the oft dreaded probate court system. That mistake? They fail to fund their trust. How Do Financial Advisors Benefit from Helping Clients Fund Their Trusts? Collaborating with clients and their estate planning attorneys in the funding process will benefit both you and your clients: You will likely discover assets not yet under management that the client can consolidate with your firm – prior employer 401ks, scattered IRAs or investment accounts, or individual stocks or savings bonds that can be cashed in and invested. You will likely find product opportunities – life insurance needs (new

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