Revocable Living Trust

Helping Clients Protect Themselves and Their Loved Ones This National Safety Month

Posted by Robert L. Arone For over a quarter of a century, the National Safety Council has recognized June as National Safety Month. An objective of National Safety Month is to raise public awareness of the top safety and health risks in the United States. One of the lesser-known but considerable risks Americans and their loved ones face are the financial and emotional repercussions that can accompany incapacity or death. A revocable living trust is a legal tool that can keep clients and their loved ones safe from the costs, uncertainty, and confusion that may result upon a client’s incapacity or death. A Revocable Living Trust Protects the ClientLike every person, a client is at constant risk of suffering a disastrous accident or illness that may render them incapable of caring for themselves or their loved ones. Their incapacity could be temporary, or it could last until their eventual death. The

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The Revocable Living Trust: Helping Clients, Growing Your Practice

Posted by Robert L. Arone Prevention Is the Greatest Cure Your clients trust you with their financial future and the legacy they want to leave behind. They rely on you to anticipate challenges, foresee trouble, and take preventative measures. When it comes to a client’s financial wellbeing, it is up to the trusted advisor to know what problems are likely to arise and to have solutions ready to help avoid conflict in the family, waste of resources, and other common pitfalls. One crucial tool to keep assets safe and to ensure they are distributed in the way your client wants is through the use of a revocable living trust. What Is a Revocable Living Trust? A revocable living trust (RLT), sometimes called a revocable trust or living trust, is an alternative to a will. It’s a document that instructs a trustee on how to manage the client’s assets during the

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