Estate Planning Documents for College Age Children

Estate Planning Documents for College Age Children

Has your child received their college acceptance letter? Here is the first thing that you should do once they know where they are going to school.

Make Sure They Are Safe and Protected

Did you know that if they face a serious injury or illness and they are over the age of 18, then you may have significant trouble making health care decisions on their behalf while they are away at school?

Every child over 18 should have certain key estate planning documents in place in case of illness, accident or emergency. Even if your child is still in high school they are legally an adult at the age of 18, so it’s important to sit down with them before they reach this age and discuss next steps.

What Estate Planning Documents Does Your Child Need?

At minimum, every child needs a health care proxy, power of attorney, and a HIPAA release upon turning 18.

What Do These Documents Do? 

Health Care Proxy: A health care proxy authorizes medical decisions and comes into play if a person is incapacitated or incompetent and can’t make decisions for themselves.

Power of Attorney: A power of attorney authorizes a named agent or agents to make financial decisions on behalf of your child. In the event the child is incapacitated it allows parents to pay bills, file taxes, and do other financial tasks. A parent can also access their child’s college grades and records.

HIPAA Release: A HIPAA Release authorizes the named person to access protected medical information and medical billing records.

Especially in the post covid era, children over the age of 18 need the necessary documents to protect them in case the unexpected happens.

How Can I Get These Documents in Place?

Do you have questions, are you not sure what documents are in place? Please Contact Attorney Julia Abbott for more information at 781-239-8900.

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