Healthy eating tips for seniors

Healthy eating tips for seniors

Posted by Gerald J. Turner

It is well-settled that a healthy diet benefits us in all sorts of ways. Healthy eating can prevent common health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and any other number of consequences of a less-than-healthy diet.

Healthy eating becomes even more critical as we age into our senior years. For seniors, dietary choices can affect health in even more significant ways. Your metabolism slows down significantly as you grow older, leading to decreased muscle mass and the possibility of increased fat.

Here are a few tips to help seniors optimize their daily diet so that they can remain healthy, vibrant and strong:

Drink enough fluids
For aging people, the sensation of thirst may lessen. So it’s important to make sure you are drinking the proper amount of water throughout the day to stave off dehydration and its side-effects.

To figure out exactly how much water you should drink, you can do a little bit of math. Grab a calculator, divide your weight in pounds by 2.2, then multiply that number by 30. Then divide the sum by 28.3. The total is how much water you should drink each day, in ounces. To figure out how many cups to drink, simply divide that number by 8.

Cut down on table salt
As we grow older, tastebuds are one of the things that change in our bodies. Your sense of taste may become diminished, which leads to oversalting food. However, laying on the salt shaker can lead to high blood pressure and place you at risk for heart disease, kidney disease or stroke. Keep your sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams or less each day. To add extra flavor without sodium, experiment with herbs and spices.

Pre-plan your meals
One great way to make sure that you’re eating right is to put a little thought into it. By planning your menu once a week, you’re more likely to make good choices and less likely to reach for a candy bar or head for a drive-thru. Try prepping a week’s worth of dinners on a Sunday, and freezing some of them to easily heat up later in the week.

Become a label reader
If you get into the habit of reading labels at the store, it could make a big difference. If you take a moment to compare labels, you might learn that one brand has more hidden sugars, salt or calories than another perfectly good brand.

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