How to choose the right senior living facility

How to choose the right senior living facility

We would all like to think that we will always be as capable as we are in our younger age. But for better or for worse, some things will inevitably change. There often comes a time in our lives when we can no longer care for ourselves and must rely on others.

While many seniors continue to live happily at home for the duration of their lives, the reality is that more than half of the people who turn 65 today will require long term care.

The tips below should help you get started on your search for the right assisted living facility:

1. How much assistance or help do you or your loved one need to function adequately? There are generally three levels of assistance which vary greatly in both time, the number of services provided, and cost.

First, some elders, especially those with chronic health issues may require a skilled, certified nurse to be with them nearly all day to administer medications and such.

Second, elders who are capable of doing more for themselves may only require a facility in which they do much more for themselves, such as cooking and bathing, but have someone look in on them from time to time to make sure that they are doing well.

Third, independent living facilities are for seniors who are capable of doing pretty much everything on their own but wish to have a group of similarly aged people living amongst them. In other cases, certain services such as meals and housekeeping are provided.

2. Is the facility adhering to the numerous rules and regulations that they are required to follow by law? Make sure the facility is fully licensed, has passed inspections and is willing to divulge their staff to patient ratio.

It is not enough, however, to simply take their word for it. You must dig deeper. Google searches, Yelp reviews, word of mouth ratings and most importantly, Better Business Bureau ratings are all great resources to help you be sure your loved one will have the best possible experience.

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