Planning for Individuals and Couples Without Children

Posted by Robert L. Arone   How to Tailor the Conversation to Their Goals Financial advisors often have a clear path to starting the estate planning discussion when their clients have children, as many estate planning discussions center around clients’ objectives for passing their wealth, properties, and legacy to the next generation. Because of this […]

5 Hidden Client Risks That Demand Your Immediate Attention

How to Steer Your Clients in the Right Direction Estate planning provides your clients with a wealth of opportunities to strategically grow their net worth while also planning for their families’ future comfort and security. Opportunity brings risk, but also the potential reward of deeper, longer-lasting client relationships. Educational Topics for Your Clients That Can […]

3 tips for preventing financial elder abuse

The definition of elder financial abuse is a simple one. It is any case in which a senior citizen’s finances are manipulated or misappropriated for the personal gain of another. While defining elder financial abuse may be simple, recognizing it, and preventing it, are separate matters. However, elder financial abuse can be detected if you […]

How to choose the right senior living facility

We would all like to think that we will always be as capable as we are in our younger age. But for better or for worse, some things will inevitably change. There often comes a time in our lives when we can no longer care for ourselves and must rely on others. While many seniors […]

I am setting up a small business on my own. Would I benefit from incorporating as an LLC?

In three words—yes and no. We have a new tax law this year that has what’s called a Qualified Trade or Business [QTB] deduction. It’s very complicated and before you set up an LLC or a S Corp, you would need to have a tax advisor run numbers. This deduction is not available to high […]

Studies show your brain might clean your “memory inbox” while you sleep

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – Everyone knows that with age, the ability to remember things becomes more difficult than it used to be. However, you already have one of the of the most important tools to help you distinguish which information is important and which is not: your bed. A study was published in […]

How seniors can keep busy by working from home

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – Working Americans often dream of the day when they can retire and wind it down after decades of punching a clock. But this is to be expected — who would not want to rid themselves of the daily rat race which probably includes getting up early dressing in uncomfortable […]

Massachusetts Renter’s Security Deposit Law

As a landlord, what am I allowed to do with a renter’s security deposit before they need it back? Am I able to reinvest it into my property? In a word—no. In two words, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Massachusetts tenancy laws are very favorable to residential tenants. This is understandable, as such tenants have their home to […]

Conservators, guardianship, and durable powers of attorney

Conservators, guardianship, and durable powers of attorney – what are the differences, which ones do I need, and why should I care? Each of these tools allows a person to make decisions for another individual whom may or may not be able to make decisions for themselves. Conservator A conservator is a person appointed by […]

Why Seniors Should Have a Geriatric Physician

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – We all have all encountered someone who doesn’t enjoy going to the doctor. Or even worse: someone who flat out refuses to go! Logic suggests that an important way for senior citizens to ensure that they are in good health and live a long time is for them to see […]

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