How to choose a home aide for your loved one

Posted by Gerald J. Turner – No adult likes to feel like they can’t take care of themselves. One of the unfortunate truths of growing older is that many of us will not be able to get along without a little help. There often comes a time when senior citizens require someone to help them carry out the basic functions of life. While some adult children help their parents in times like this, it is not always feasible. No matter how much you love your senior parent, you may not have the necessary medical education, time or skills required to take care of them. Most adults have full time jobs and cannot take on a second one. In these cases, families should consider hiring a professional to step in. What type of help does the senior need? First, you must determine the nature of your parent’s needs. Is there a

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When Aged Parents Refuse to Discuss End-of-Life Care

Posted by Eric P. Rothenberg – No one likes to discuss their own death, as if talking about it will somehow hasten it, or not talking about it might prevent it from happening! By encouraging your parents to prepare for the end of their lives, you are not only acting as a responsible and loving child, but you are saving time, money, and heartache for yourself and the rest of your family. All parents want to leave their children as much as they can as a legacy, and that’s precisely why estate planning is beneficial to them as well. A short answer: if they become incapacitated before signing a durable power of attorney or their will, you are out of luck and their estate will pass under intestacy laws [when there’s no will]. In approaching your parents next time, it may be best to remind them that while making end-of-life

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