Niche Trusts: A Chance to Collaborate

Posted by Robert L. Arone   If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is that each client is unique. Likewise, our approach to counseling these clients should be tailored to each one’s specific needs. Let’s work together to develop special plans that fit each client’s special circumstances. One key tool to consider is the niche trust. Usually, when we speak about a trust, we mean an “express trust.” An express trust is a three-way relationship between the grantor, the beneficiary or beneficiaries, and the third party, or trustee. The grantor has assets he or she wishes to distribute in a specified way to the beneficiary, and the trustee holds those assets on behalf of the beneficiary. The assets, financial needs, and wishes of each client are particular to that person, so the use of trusts needs to be part of a nuanced strategy. Enter the niche trust.

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