I am setting up a small business on my own. Would I benefit from incorporating as an LLC?

In three words—yes and no. We have a new tax law this year that has what’s called a Qualified Trade or Business [QTB] deduction. It’s very complicated and before you set up an LLC or a S Corp, you would need to have a tax advisor run numbers. This deduction is not available to high income businesses [over $415,000 of taxable income for married filing jointly and $157,500 for all others.] This question cannot be answered unless you get help ASAP. While you would benefit greatly from incorporating your business as a limited liability company (LLC), as opposed to operating it as a sole proprietor or as part of a group of partners in a general partnership, there are some trade-offs to being a S Corp or an LLC or a proprietorship due to the new QTB deduct. An LLC is a relatively simple means of incorporating a business, with

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