The Lifetime QTIP Trust or How to Maintain Control of Your Estate and Keep Spouse No. 2 Happy

Posted by Robert L. Arone – Estate Planning for couples in a second or later marriage can be tricky, particularly when one spouse is significantly wealthier than the other.  One solution for allowing the well-to-do spouse to maintain control of his or her assets but keep the other spouse happy is the Lifetime QTIP Trust.  In this issue, you will learn what a Lifetime QTIP is, the multiple benefits this special type of trust can provide to married clients with lopsided estates, and how you might alter a client’s investment strategy when using it. The Basics of Creating a Lifetime QTIP Trust In the estate planning world a “QTIP Trust” has nothing to do with those handy cotton swabs used for cleaning ears, applying cosmetics, or making children’s crafts.  Instead, QTIP refers to “Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust,” which is a fancy term for a type of trust that allows

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