Thursday, Jan. 7th – Tax Aspects of Cryptocurrencies Video Conference

Thursday, Jan. 7th – Tax Aspects of Cryptocurrencies Video Conference


Thursday, Jan. 7th, 9am-12:30pm ET

Led by Eric P. Rothenberg, Esq., MBA

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With Bitcoin jumping from $3,900 in March to $28,000 in December there was much selling in 2020. The IRS now asks on page 1 of Form 1040 if you received, sold, sent, exchanged, or otherwise acquired cryptocurrency. If one of your clients answers yes to this question, are you prepared to analyze your client’s situation and advise him/her as to what needs to be reported (if anything) on a 2020 tax return? If not, you may want to attend our 4-hour live video conference entitled Tax Aspects of Cryptocurrencies on 01/07/21 from 9:00am-12:30pm led by Eric P. Rothenberg, Esq., MBA who represents and prepares income tax returns for individuals who buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Eric’s discussion will include FinCEN regulations issued on 12/23 and the increase in the use of digital wallets as coins become more valuable.  Eric presented this live video conference previously, and Lou Gauthier attended and thought that Eric did a great job in explaining the subject matter!

Topics include what is cryptocurrency and how is it used; tax aspects of cryptocurrency for business and investment; FinCEN reporting of cryptocurrency transactions; how to report cryptocurrency transactions in a tax return; and much more. You will learn what questions to ask your clients including hard forks soft forks and airdrops, crypto wallets, accounting methods, and other issues.

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