It’s Not Too Late for a Portability Election

Posted by Robert L. Arone – New Opportunity for Late Portability Just Opened Up by IRS Portability has brought both convenience and confusion to the estate planning community. Available for surviving spouses after 2011, portability allows an unused estate tax exemption to be transferred from a deceased spouse to his or her surviving spouse. While […]

Dynasty Trusts – A Planning Tool for the Masses?

Posted by Robert L. Arone – Think Twice Before Ruling One Out When most people hear the term “dynasty trust,” they assume it is something for only the wealthiest of families. Dynasty trusts are not as out of reach as many people and advisors might think, and can be used by many more families of […]

Trump’s First 100 Days: Looking Back and Planning Ahead

Posted by Robert L. Arone – How to Help Your Clients Future-Proof Their Estate Plans Through tried and true estate planning measures, we can make sure your clients’ plans are both flexible enough to handle change and sturdy enough to weather the uncertainty. In addition to providing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other core […]

How a Community Property Trust Can Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Capital Gains Taxes

Posted by Robert L. Arone – Community property trusts can save your clients tens of thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes, and that is just one of their many benefits. This lesser-known strategy is not necessarily the best fit for all couples either because of their assets or state of residence. However, for households […]

IRS Uses Private Collection Companies

By Eric P. Rothenberg, Esq. – The Internal Revenue Service [“IRS”] announced on April 5th , 2017 that they will begin to use private collection agencies to collect back taxes owed. Soon, the IRS will begin its process of sending letters to certain taxpayers that their past due federal tax accounts are being turned over […]

Estate Planning Should Always be a Team Effort

Posted by Robert L. Arone – A Team of Coordinated Professionals Is Your Clients’ Best Bet Picture a symphony’s worth of classical musicians all trying to play a piece in perfect harmony, but they can’t see one another. Each of them also has slightly different sheet music. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination […]

The Superior Alternative to “I Love You” Wills

Posted by Robert L. Arone – Guide Your Clients to Lifetime Beneficiary Directed Trusts Instead As Valentine’s Day brings heart-shaped chocolate boxes and roses by the dozen into your clients’ imaginations, seize the moment to educate them about the drawbacks of “I love you” wills and introduce them to the estate planning move that’s actually […]

Talking To Clients About Estate Planning In The New Year

Posted by Robert L. Arone – 2017 is fast approaching – my is time flying by. It seems like only yesterday we were in the midst of primary debates and a long election season. But with the new year comes a chance to recalibrate how you serve your clients and help them deal with the […]

Preparing for a New Administration

Posted by Robert L. Arone – Risks And Opportunities For Your Clients Under President-Elect Trump A new Presidential administration can bring sweeping changes in the tax codes, new rules for how wealth is taxed, and a litany of other legal and regulatory changes. As a result of Donald Trump’s electoral victory on November 8th combined […]

How and Why Life Insurance Still Matters in Estate Planning

Posted by Robert L. Arone – A frequently overlooked aspect of a client’s life insurance is proper alignment with estate planning goals. Between the typical set-it-and-forget-it mentality and a simple beneficiary approach many people take, a neglected life insurance policy often fails to achieve the goals that initially led to the purchase of the policy. […]