My company does not withhold taxes from my paychecks.

I am a foreigner currently working in the USA and my company does not withhold taxes from my paychecks. So I was wondering if it is possible for someone who is knowledgeable in taxes to let me know how much (what proportion) of my salary should I set aside for taxes purposes?

p.s. I am a non-resident alien

You may be a resident alien even if you had no green card at all during the year and it wasn’t taken away by abandonment or the courts, if you met the “substantial presence” test in the US. These are complex rules and you should be sure you are still not considered a resident alien.

If you were not, then you need to make estimated payments on income earned income. The amount you need to pay in as estimated taxes depends upon many factors including, amount of income, tax treaties, etc.

We have tax treaties with many countries so that needs review as well. I certainly hope  you get good tax advice during the year and at tax preparation time to make sure you do everything correctly.

Eric Rothenberg

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